Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Until next September

I had a chance to meet most unusual person yesterday when we said farewell to our lace making teacher with a promise to meet again in September 2012. Well, who knows how many of us will be there next year. At the end of our "party" a woman joined us. She looked and acted like a man but had a voice of a woman. She has four children. I smiled at this because it made me think. She must be a strong person, covering her grief behind a smile and jokes. She made me think about my own life. I may be looking like a woman but anyway, I will never have children. And I have not chosen it to be so.

We had an especially good time because of this woman, and I am glad I had a chance to meet her. With such meetings we grow and we become stronger. Actually, each of those women at the course gave me a little bit of themselves. I hope they felt the same when I told them my stories.

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Emily said...

It sounds like a lovely and special class, Pina. Life is a very complicated thing.