Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was quite satisfied years ago to be alone for days. I didn't need people around me. I was happy with my flowers, cats and books. When I split up with B things changed. I wasn't running away from people anymore, I wasn't scared of talking with total strangers. I realized these days that today I am as lonely as I was years ago; with a little difference - I don't want to be that alone anymore.

So, like many, many years ago, I still talk to cats. They are the only company around, sometimes for whole days. Pikec is one of the oldest cats around my home. His parents and siblings, as well as his children, were poisoned, killed or taken away (probably one of my neighbors knows well where to). I think it was once in December when he disappeared for a few days. Then he returned with a top of his right ear missing. He became a girl! One of the neighbors obviously took him to the vet's to be castrated. Now he wants to cuddle all day long. I smile when I see him, he has changed a lot.

This is what we, human beings do. We change the worlds of others so that our egos can be fed. If the world doesn't turn around as we wish, we become depressed and discontented. It is not easy to step off such world but it is possible. With lots and lots of effort. But we are usually lazy, aren't we? At least I am.


Bodecea said...

I talk to cats, too. Our neighbours are laughing because I whistle for them to call the four boys for food. But it works!

Pina said...

I like cats because they are independent. They take care of themselves when I am not at home (usually eating at my neighbor. :D)

Meri M. said...

Yes, human are cruel.

To be honest, I am not comfortable around animals. I never got in contact with any till the age of 6 which explains everything. I hate the thought of my children growing up without any pets around, but I just don’t think it would be fair to say “let’s give it a try” and bring a puppy home, then realize I am/ we are/ not able to take care of the 5th member of the family full-time and properly. Someone might also call this an ego thing, but to me it’s about making compromises and about taking full responsibility for the animal.