Monday, January 30, 2012

Colors and numbers

I meant to spend a weekend away from home and yet, my wish came true, and I spent it at home. I wasn't doing exactly what I wished to but those two days were pleasant anyway. However, one more day off work would suit me well.At the end of last week I came home with lots of books from the library. Some cook books, some Slovenian literature, a comic book and Louise Hay's Colors and numbers. I liked the cover but when I looked inside I was slightly disappointed. Obviously the Slovenian publisher wanted to save money at printing. Black print on beige paper. Boring. But I liked the contents, it is full of positive thoughts. Well, the truth is that I like both, colors and numbers. Besides, I like playing with both.

The book says that I should work diligently this year. My color of this year is supposedly green, and of course, everything will end well. A nice prediction, right?

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