Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Planting and sowing

I can be quite satisfied only about one thing that happened over the holidays last week - our garden has become kind of beautiful (greenhouses in the picture belong to neighbors, our garden starts at those wooden boards).

Ž and I spent quite some time making the beds, and these week I keep planting little plants and sowing all sorts of seeds. Beside this neighbors can see me touching the little plants and checking if the first two leaves have already emerged from the soil. This time, spent in the garden, is very special to me. It calms me down and brings smile to my face. Let me show you some plants from my garden this year. Hyssop. It smells wonderful in teas. The bees love it:

Chives. I will let them bloom and then cut the stems to the ground. New leaves will grow over the season:

Onions. I sowed the seeds this year to see how big they will grow until autumn:

Spinach. It grows very slowly, I wonder if the cold is the only reason for this:

Chamomiles and tarragon. Once you have chamomiles in your garden then you have them every year. I will pick the blooms before the beginning of summer. Tarragon is almost big enough to be cut for usage:

Carrots. Still very small although the seeds are almost one month in the ground:

Radish. Usually the first vegetable we pick in our garden:

There are also salad, leeks, kohlrabi, peas, oregano, thyme, strawberries, cabbage, broccoli, red beets and lots of other plants in my garden. Flowers included:

Still to be planted are pumpkins, zucchini, paprika, cucumber and eggplants. Of course, there's lots of weeding to be done. Especially now, after the rain. Though, every minute spent in my garden is very rewarding. At least I can see, and at the end also eat the result of my work.


Mojca said...

Lepo. Pa nič plevela. Pri meni uspeva sto na uro.

Pina said...

Pri nas tudi, ampak ga plevemo, dokler je še majhen. :P