Monday, June 11, 2012


A job is not only a means of income, but also a form of social inclusion and affirmation of one's talents and abilities.


Anonymous said...

I started to say something yesterday but I stopped because I am at work - it is honestly one of our busiest periods. I am really sorry.
My husband lost his job of 23 years in December of 2007. He has not found a job since. I know you however will find a job.
Keep a positive outlook and know that you have skills and knowledge unlike no one else.
We have honestly decided that although it was a bad thing that my husband lost his job, in other ways it was a good thing.
I wish you peace and happiness.

Pina said...

Thank you for your positive words and encouragement. Stories of other people make me think of what I could do in the future. Indeed, after so many days of thinking I am more and more aware that this that I lost my job is a positive thing. At least in one way.

Bodecea said...

Dear Pina,

I have lost my job, too, at the 1.1. of this year. But I found a way to become a freelancer in another profession. I like it very much. Maybe it`s a chance for you, too.

Btw., I will be crossing your country while driving to my summer holiday in Croatia :-)


Victoria said...

Hello lovely, I'm sorry I haven't stopped by so much of late. I am really sorry, it seems that it's not such a good time the world over. My own job has been made redundant with our team going to the business in India. I found out in February and the role finally winds up on the 29th of this month. It's awful, anything you don't choose for yourself, hard to get over.

I hope you're okay - let's talk more.