Thursday, September 6, 2012

Island Krk, camp Konobe (Croatia)

The seaside. Magical word for some people. This year we managed to stay at the seaside for five days which sums up our vacation by the sea to ten days in nine years. It was strange at the beginning to see so many naked people in a camp but we got used to this, exposing our bodies to full sun and secret glances from the residents of tents and trailers, too. I ate too much of ice cream every day but believe me, it was delicious.

The sea was cold, chilled by strong north wind from the mainland. It was good to be so far away as I forgot about everything that usually weighs heavily on my shoulders.

I also gathered some sage for winter tea and wondered at different kind of plant species which don’t grow in mainland. It is a different world out there.

It crossed my mind one day that I switched the mountain rocks with those by the sea. It was just the fragrance that was different.


Bodecea said...

I was in Istria this year - not so far from Krk - and I loved it!

Pina said...

It is nice there, isn't it, totally different world. :)

Mojca said...

Super! K meni pridejo metuljčki na obisk ob takih pogledih ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the water too.

Emily said...

Looks beautiful!