Thursday, June 20, 2013


I’ve been missed, I know, and I’ve missed this space, so I decided to try to come back for a while. Things are the same as before, and yet, many of them have changed. It seemed like winter would never end and that spring would end up with no sunshine and warmth at all. But! These days are just like I love them most – sunny and hot. Maybe this is also why I have come back to this space.

This spring I broke my camera. A friend lended me one but it’s not as good as my old PowerShot was. Hopefully prices will drop soon, so that I will be able to carry around brand new camera and spoil this place with marvelous photos. I haven’t taken many photos this spring, mostly due to the reason mentioned above.

I still haven’t found a job but I had to take a course how to do that. It would be much wiser if I could take a course of German language instead. Meanwhile my course of Spanish ended but I can only say that I will have to work on it more than I did. I was a bad pupil and I am fully aware of this.

Although I was alone most of the time, I met lots of new people this spring. All sorts of them. I tried to make their days nicer by baking delicious sweets and writing words of courage on a blackboard. I have learned new things and taught others of what I know. And so, days passed by, day by day… And you know where you’ll find me at this time of year when the skies are clear and blue… “Mountains are calling and I must go,” said John Muir once upon a time, and I repeat his words today.


Bodecea said...

Nice to read you again! Seems like you had quite similar weather as we had in Germany. The winter was almost endless, until May it was f*** cold, but now! Over 30 degree and sunshine! Ahhhhhh... :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are back! Enjoy the summer.