Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer dress

I was surprised about two weeks ago when I found a leaflet stuck behind my windshield wiper. I thought that one of my neighbours had left me a message but it was far from that. It almost read like an improper invitation, with a phone number and a request to call that person. I wrote him a kind text message to tell me who he was. After a while I received a reply which read: 178/76, brown hair, blue eyes, 3X years old, from Ljubljana. Right, I was curious, who was on the other side, so I called him. He was very embarrassed and explained me why he had written such message. So we met the next day.

Believe me that I was unpleasantly surprised when that man appeared in front of me. Is it so difficult to tell that you are 168 cm tall or even less? Is it so difficult to tell that you are bald and that the rest of your hair is gray and black, and that your eyes are gray? Is it so difficult to admit that you are only living in Ljubljana but actually you drive home almost every weekend and your mama is still doing your laundry? I don’t like people who are telling lies to achieve their goal.

At the end of our meeting he said to me: “It was so wonderful to talk to you, I could talk to you for days!” Maybe, my dear man, but I want to tell my stories, too… He fell for me big time, but sorry man, we are worlds apart.

Ž knows about all this. I wondered why the Universe had sent me this man. Maybe to show me how precious this, what I have, is?

So, you see, what wearing a simple summer dress while you go shopping can cause…

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