Monday, July 8, 2013

Kompotela, 1989 m

If someone thought that I would have stayed at home when my back was aching, he/she was very wrong. In spite of the backache (I just woke up one day with it) I put my backpack on and went on a hike. This time my final destination was below 2000 m above sea level. Even so the view was magnificent and my path full of wonders. Well, correctly said - full of alpine flowers. I was just so desperate over the camera I have! How difficult can it be to take an average macro photo of a plant? Very difficult with my borrowed camera!
Nigritella lithopolitanica

Soldanella minima

On my path

Androsace villosa

On top with a wonderful view on Planjava and Ojstrica


Primula wulfeniana
However, this was, believe me, another beautiful day.

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