Friday, July 12, 2013

Ljubljana these days

I’ve been taking terrible photos recently. This is the only one of about ten that looks alright. Ljubljana’s castle above the building of the Slovenian philharmony, in front Kongresni trg (the Congress square) named by an important congress which took place in Ljubljana in 1821, less than a decade after French army left it. Lots of important people came to Ljubljana then, including kings and emperors of different European countries.

Before that a monastery stood here (where the trees are) and about 2000 years ago here was a ditch behind a Roman wall (on the edge of this square the northern door of Emona, the Roman city, were standing) and a burial place for Romans. During the II. WW the square was changed into the fields where potatoes and also soy beans (for oil) were grown.

The name of the square was changed many times, depending on this who was leading the country. Now it’s got its first name back and also the splendour that it deserves. Though, it is better not to know how many remains of our past were destroyed for an underground garage below the square…

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