Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One more heart

We were invited to a concert which was held in a castle. Our colleagues got married on a tiny tropical island, and to celebrate this occasion they organized a small party. Two vocal singers and a pianist entertained more than fifty people; I suppose most of them would rather have a beer in the nearest pub. Food was also very fancy with canapés and little sweet bites; most people would certainly prefer to eat steak and fries. I liked the music; they sang arias with a love theme.
Although presents were strictly forbidden (at least I was told so, and which is in my opinion a good idea if you have just everything you want to have) I made another lace heart which accompanied two tea cups as a present to the newlyweds. It was made in white because I thought that it would best suit both of them. Red ones are not suitable for everyone.
I wonder if this relationship will last and grow. It is not the groom that would be a problem but the soul of the bride that calls for freedom.

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Feronia said...

What a lovely gift, Pina. I *love* your lacemaking.