Friday, October 4, 2013

The history of Ljubljana

I joined a group of people who are learning about the history of Ljubljana. On our first meeting we learned about the Emona (Ǽmona), the Roman settlement which once (the next year it will be 2000 years from its first mentioning) stood where Ljubljana stands today.
On our second meeting we took a stroll through the old part of Ljubljana where one part of medieval city once stood (most houses were burned in at least one of the fires because they were made of wood). We also visited the castle.
It was more than 35 years ago when I was standing on the top of its tower when there was still no admission fee to be payed and the castle itself was almost in ruins. It is so different today up there on the hill on which Ljubljana’s castle stands – crowds of tourists visit it daily, there are marriages three times a week, all sorts of events take place every day, several restaurants and bars are opened all day long. Long time ago me and my brother climbed through a hole in the wall into the chapel in which a brick structure was built (it is gone today) and later tried to discover what the castle had to offer. We saw a cannon, one of the wells (which in my opinion stands somewhere else today), signs of the prisoners on the walls…

There are a few more walks still on our schedule; I will tell you more about them in my future posts. I am sure I will learn something new. It is interesting how history changes for us who live in the present – today we know more about the past than ten years ago.


Feronia said...

What a beautiful city!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. In the US, they tear everything down to build new. So glad your historical buildings are standing.