Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little gifts for people

The elving has begun, would most probably write Amanda Soule if she visited my home in the last days of November. I already told you about the lace pendants that I made but in previous days another pleasant work was on my schedule. I was making bird pendants from the salty dough, felt owls, also as pendants, and felt finger puppets.
All these will be offered in the booth at the Christmas fair, and we will gather donations for them. I just wonder if any of these birds will find a new home. People are getting poorer in this country every day, and lots of people don’t have money for their daily bread let alone for presents like these.

I like this time of year. Planning, creating, wrapping up presents, decorating almost every corner of my house, cozy days at home; this is what these days are full of.


Anonymous said...

The birds are very nice and the owls as well. In my country, all the good jobs are gone, and the ones that are left are 1970's wages. However, the 2% or so are living very well indeed. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and best of everything in 2014. I honestly have wanted to send you something forever, but every year in the same job I make less because our health insurance goes up. My husband lost his job of 23 years in 2007. I am not complaining. Thank you for your blog, I sincerely look forward to every new entry.

Sakib Raj said... nudi uporabnikom ponudbe slovenskih restavracij, trgovin, lepotilnih in športnih centrov; razvedrilne, zabavne in ostale vsebine z od 50 do 90-odstotnim popustom