Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring time

I guess it is time to write a post a two again because spring has finally arrived (the swallows, too) and life seems to be a bit better. Busy, that’s what I can say about my life at the moment, and it will be even bussier in April and May. I spent lots of time outside in the past few weeks; temperatures were very high for March, around 20 degrees C, which actually suits me very well as I have always been a seeker of warmth and sun. The spring is early this year and Easter is late. Though, the cold can still come. My mom has already sown some seeds but I think that for our boggy area this is a bit too early. Floods can still come. I will wait with sowing a couple of weeks more because also the soil will be warmer then.
And here’s some news. At the beginning of March I attended a training to qualify myself as a guide in Ljubljansko barje (the Ljubljana moor - so, the area I live in). It lasted four days and after that we also had to attend two guided tours to get the certificates which prove that we are the guides. Coincindentaly I had to lead a part of one of these excursions.

The sad news about being a guide for this area is that I can’t live on that. There are too many guides and not enough people who would pay for the guidance. Nevermind, I had a good experience with this training and met some wonderful and very capable people. Besides I learned so many new things about the Ljubljana moor that it was really worth spending four days indoors and listening to the lectures.

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Feronia said...

Sounds very interesting! I would certainly go on one of your tours, Pina :)

It is so hard to make a living from what you love doing, isn't it.

Bodecea, who I think comments on your blog sometimes, does tours in the forest near her home in Germany.

I love the frog!!

~ Feronia x