Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spanish language

Autumn was a bit desperate season in my life when I also tried to apply for a Spanish course in one of the libraries. It was already full on the first day when the invitation was published. I tried again a couple of months later. The same story again – full. Then I received an invitation in the middle of March. This time I was lucky. We started with the course two weeks ago, again from the beginning, and it is much easier as it was last year. We practice a lot and we learn slowly.

It is weird how attracted I am by the foreign languages lately; I also flipped through the pages of “Step by step - Russian” which still patiently waits for Ž to open it.
Russian is at the moment one of the most popular languages in Slovenia because so many (usually rich and arrogant) tourists from Russia visit this country. It is probably not that difficult to learn it because many words are similar in Slovenian, but in spite of this I am more attracted to Italian or French than to any Slavic languages.
(The photo was taken during the Carnival in Ljubljana when also the Russians were presenting us their culture in the Week of Russian culture.)


Feronia said...

Good luck learning Spanish! Russian looks hard to me because it doesn't use Romanised letters. I am still working on my German!

Pina said...

It is not so difficult to learn their alphapbet if you practice a lot. We learnt the letters in the primary school (not all but most of them) because Serbians use the same alphabet and we had to learn Serbo-Croatian language as well (though, in fact such language doesn't exist at all and I never wanted to speak it anyway).