Friday, June 27, 2014

Guardian of the mountain nature

One day in winter I found a call for applications for the guardians of the mountain nature. I have no idea why I found this good, but I applied for it. So I spent three weekends with 20 other pupils, each time in another mountain hut. It is true that I had known more than half of what I heard but it was good to hear other perspectives, too. Most of my schoolfriends were rather boring, maybe because all of them (except Ž who was my schoolfriend, too) were sent to the course by their mountaineering society.
I have no idea how I will be able to help to protect the mountain nature but I am sure that this chance will eventually come. If nothing else I can warn people not to bath in the Alpine lakes or pick the plants in the national park. It is tempting, I know, but it is forbidden. Do we really have to destroy everything just for our pleasure?

I still have an essay to write, and for this reason I will have to go to the mountains quite often. Which is, of course, a pleasure even when I think of it now.

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