Thursday, September 18, 2014

From the garden

At least seven of such lovely pumpkins were eaten by slugs this year. I don’t count all the salad that they had eaten. A real pest, I tell you and it is very hard to fight them. I don’t kill them, so maybe they come back ... I hope that winter will be very cold and that the weather next spring will be fatal for them, otherwise we will have to find some other way to get rid of them. It takes absolutely too much time to pick them every day. The other day I found more than five of them in one single pumpkin flower! It is nothing special if I pick hundred of them on a single day.

I know that one kind of duck eats them (some say that chicken, too) but with having these comes another worry as they eat vegetables, too. We would need a fence and most probably a dog to guard them from foxes. We are actually caught in a vicious circle ...

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Feronia said...

It's really hard to control bugs without using horrible pesticides, isn't it!

I would recommend chickens. We have three. While you can't have them in with your vegetables (if you want to keep the vegetables!) you could perhaps collect and feed them the bugs. And also you will have lots of eggs!