Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goodbye, Feliks!

He’s been gone since the last day of summer, I fed him the last time on 21st September. The next day he disappeared and never came back. He was seven years old. Of course I cried, not only once. Last year we took him to the vet but those girls couldn’t help him because he evolved into a wild cat for those couple of hours while we were at the clinic. The vet speculated that he had a cancer in his nose though he was far from a house cat, he was muscular and fit. Pikec didn’t like him but tolerated him anyway because I fed them both.
Feliks was exactly like the cat from the ad for the Felix cat food, hence his name. One day he appeared at my door and stayed since. He was just as nice and friendly cat as Kaj, who disappeared in 2010 while we were on vacation. Today I know who took him away or even killed him – our neighbor. When we came home from vacation then Feliks’s fur was completely black from dirt and he was obviously tortured – he didn’t come close for more than a year although he always ate food that I offered him. Feliks survived but most didn’t. Also Pikec’s and Kaj’s mom was killed by our neighbor. I just wish that each of these cats who disappear from my yard doesn’t suffer.

Only Pikec is left now. And each time I see him I fondle him also for all those cats which are gone. I miss you, Feliks.


Anonymous said...

Neighbor is a horrible person. I hope somehow your cat returns.

Emily said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Feliks, Pina. I hope he comes home soon.

Pina said...

I don't think that Feliks will ever return, he's gone forever. :(

Emily said...

I'm really sad to hear that, Pina. We have a cat next door to us who 'disappears' now and then. Then, when you think something bad has happened to him, he comes back.

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