Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall Reading Book Swap

I took part in a Fall Reading Book Swap on Karen Beth's blog. I like reading very much. I never make plans what to read, I just pick the books in a local library and read the book if I like it. If not, I return it, as simple as that.
As you probably noticed I have been reading the latest book (Summer light) for ages. This doesn't happen very often but I am very busy at the moment and the book is also in my opinion not so good that I would read it late at night.
So, my partner for the swap is Kari and I am happy to say that I managed to post the package for her yesterday in the afternoon. When she receives it I will share with you all why I had chosen the book I sent her and give you the names of some other books that were on my list. I am amazed at how many good books I read in my life!
To make you a bit curious I am posting a little part of the package I sent to Kari. :)


eva said...

I took part of Zazazu`s fall book swap too! It was really hard to choose which book to send. At the end I chose something funny :)
I´ll go now and write a post about it in my blog too!
Take care
and thank you for your very kind words!

Pina said...

Isn't it fun when you do the things you like? :)
I cannot reveal even the author of the book I sent to my swap partner but perhaps you know his (yes, it's a man!) literary works as he comes from a country very near Estonia.
I am also very curious which book you chose, Eva. :)))