Monday, October 15, 2007


Anniversary No. 1:
This Saturday we celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. I made little favors for this occassion. It took lots of time to do these small packages. Fortunately my hands were not trembling. :)

Anniversary No. 2:
October 14 and 15, 1995 have a special place in my memories. The weather on those days was as beautiful and clear as it is today. Clear blue sky, no wind. It was so peaceful. I drove with a charming and beautiful young man to an island Krk in Croatia, where we boarded a small sailing boat and with that little wind there was, we sailed around the beautiful bays with azure blue water. It was too cold to go swimming (at least for me, the water temperature was 19 degrees C). I don't remember what exactly we were doing but I remember that he cooked a delicious lunch for us, a risotto with saffron, and tomato salad. I was so happy I hadn't have to cook as at that time I wasn't cooking at all. In the evening he told me half of a fairytale I used to listen when I was a little girl. That evening he gained my heart and I gained his. Unfortunately our fairytale didn't have a happy ending. I think I will never know why.

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13mimosa said...

Anniversary no 2 - that story has piqued my interest.