Tuesday, October 2, 2007


If I am asked which one I prefer, the sea or the mountains, I would answer with no hesitation: the mountains. But sometimes my roads lead to the littoral regions. This time I was roaming around Kras (Karst). It is so beautiful there at this time of the year. The grapes have already been harvested, also figs are gone but the golden apples are slowly getting their golden-orange color, the rosemary is in full bloom, the leaves of the vines became reddish yellow and the sumac will slowly cover the landscape in red color. It is beautiful. Most of all, it is warm. I love sun and warmth, that’s also why my favorite season is summer.

The food was: divine! I had fig crostata for my dessert (actually fig pie). I almost couldn’t breathe until I went to sleep! Mmmm…


eva said...

Do you know that I have never eaten a fig? I`ve heard it`s delicious, and we have it here in every supermarket, but I don`t know how to eat one........ :))

Pina said...

Then you will have to come to Slovenia the next summer (at the end of August/beginning of September), to try the figs directly from the tree! :) Those are the sweetest!
Figs are actually eaten just like apples - remove the stem and eat the rest. Just like that! ;)