Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today is another beautiful day with a clear blue sky. Each day during the week I have to wake up at 5:45 at latest, so that I arrive at work by 7:00. There are two reasons for this. The heavy traffic after 6:40 and no free parking places in front of my office after 7:30. It is easy in the summer when I am woken by the daylight but it is so difficult to wake up at this time of the year when we still have the summer time and it is pitch-dark when my alarm clock goes on. By the end of the week I am really tired, and surprise, surprise, on Saturday morning I wake up at 5:45 by myself, without any cruel alarm clock. The good thing about these early mornings is that I come home at about 3:30 p.m. and this gives me lots of time to do the things at home (like cooking, cleaning, gardening, reading,... or just doing nothing at all).
I think it is time for a short vacation to get some sleep! And the good news is that it is just two weeks until then! I can't wait! :)

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