Monday, October 15, 2007


I used to travel to Munich in Germany quite a lot, usually for business. But that was some other time in my life. I liked some shops there very much, like Kunst und Spiel, which was my favorite. Their web site is not very nice, but the shop itself is amazing. Small, but full of beautiful items. Visit of one of the Reformhauses or Naturkosts was of course obligatory, as in those times the shops with organic food in Slovenia were really rare. Today you can buy organic food on every corner and as you could probably notice in my post with the photos from the market, all sorts of Demeter food as well. For lunch I almost always went to an excellent Buxs self-service restaurant. Sometimes I ate in a local Italian restaurant with home made pasta. I also bought natural paints for the walls in my ex-home in one of the small shops in Munich. Once a year I went shopping to Ikea and just recently I found out that all the furniture I have in my home is from there.
I miss those days a lot.

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