Friday, November 30, 2007

Bog & fog

Once there was a shallow lake right here where Ljubljana is today. Well, the lake was much larger than Ljubljana is. The first settlers here lived about 4000 thousand years ago in wooden dwellings built on stilts, and even my house which is located at Ljubljana moor (as we call it) has wooden logs beneath to support its weight. The remnant of this lake had been bog which was later dried up to some extent. The land is still very marshy, and since Ljubljana is located in a kind of basin, each year we’ve got days with fog, so thick that sometimes it is hard to see the road in front of you. Up above the fog there is a hint of blue, blue sky. We have such days now. It was sunny yesterday where I work but at home I could see this:

I stayed in the house all afternoon. Anyway, it gets dark at 4:30 pm. It was chilly outside though only -1 degrees C. So, I made these for lunch:

They are made of cottage cheese, an egg, flour and some salt.

I couldn’t help myself and ate some of kaki (persimmon), I dry on the radiators. It has to be completely dry; otherwise it is kind of bitter. It pulls your mouth together. Here they are, all lined up to be eaten:

P.s.: I am glad that you liked the pincushion, or just the stitches. Unfortunately I am not able to show you what I made when I was about 12 years old; it was a masterpiece – a leather outfit (tunic + trousers), all stitched by hand, with fringes at the ends. That’s what the heroes make you do.


13mimosa said...

You are a hero!

I love hearing the history of your area, I don't think there's anything so interesting to tell about Blackburn where I live, except that perhaps when Melbourne was founded this area was all market gardens, I know that's true.

Also, the things you made for lunch - did you then cook them?

I loved winter in London at this time of year - here it's so light, it's nearly 8pm now and daylight, also still around 25C, not very Christmasy.

Pina said...

:) I will write about a hero soon!

I like Ljubljana very much, it is so old and there are some real beautiful spots in the old part of the city. Actually the area where my house is located was habitated about 150 years ago, if you don't count those people who lived near there those 4000 years ago.

Yes, I've cooked those 'noodles' in lots of water for about 10 minutes and put some melted butter and bread crumbs over them. Mmmm...

I remember my Chrismas in New Zealand and I know exactly what you mean. However, I very much like the things you made this far for Christmas, I have never managed to be so organized and create something like that.