Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I created

During the last week I created a pin cushion for my mum. As it looked a bit dull I tried to embroider some flowers on the white part of it but the orange flower I had embroidered didn't look pretty, so I removed it. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful ones. I gave it to my mum yesterday and she liked it very much.
Funny, how difficult it is to find a filling for the cushions and soft toys in Ljubljana. I had to go to many shops to find it. Nowadays nobody creates things anymore. Perhaps people are fed up with such things. It is the same with the fabric. Shops closed and it is almost impossible to find some lovely patterned fabric in our shops. I think it will be time again to go over border again, to Austria, and buy some nice things there.


eva said...

I like your pincushion, maybe because of that fresh green that you don`t see anymore because of winter.
Yes, go to Austria! Actually, we are going to have little holidays just after Christmas, in Austria, Vienna. I have never been there, so I`m exited!
And if you don`t find anything there, maybe you should visit Estonia! I`m literally dying every time I go visit fabric shops there.....;)

13mimosa said...

Such gorgeous neat stitching. We have gorgeous shops here for fabric, let me know if you want anything in particular.

Pina said...

Eva, I really hope I will visit Estonia one day and then I will ask you where those fabric shops are.
I like the green color too, it is one of my favorite at the moment. I miss, I really miss the greens and most of all the warmth. :)
So, you will be so close to my country soon! It is only 4 hours drive up to Vienna from where I live. I hope you will enjoy it, it is a lovely city.

V, thank you so much for your offer. By a strange coincidence I bought myself a sewing mashine the other day and therefore immediately went to the shops to buy some nice fabric (like the beautiful ones I see on other people's blogs). Good that I wasn't looking for anything in particular because I would be disapointed even more.

kari said...

Very pretty pincushion. Your stitching looks so nice.

eva said...

Oh, yes Pina, lets go to Estonia together! :))

Hollabee said...

I like the colours in the pincushion, beautiful simplicity.

Austria might be good...and if that doesn't work out..there's always the good old internet :)

Heather Moore said...

Pina, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! It's great to discover your blog - like a birthday gift!