Monday, January 21, 2008

Colors & dreams & everyday life

Each evening when I lay in my bed and close my eyes, I see wonderful colors and patterns. I don't remember any of them in the morning but it is so nice that this keeps happening every day. It might be connected with all your wonderful blogs that I browse through because every time I do this I get so many inspirations and another view on life as well. Colors are not only vibrant behind my closed eyes in the evening but also in real life:

Colors of my new sweater from H&M. I love those colors, all of them. The dark color is brown, not black. Black is the only color I don't really like wearing. (Too) Big Ears Mouse I made on Saturday. Inspired by these little ones and made with help of this tutorial by Lynn. I simply can't resist to play with it. I named it Miš (Mouse). :)
I was making (not baking) some sweets again, this time for my colleague at work. There's delicious herbal tea in a box, if you wonder. The wrapping was colorful. The recipe is simple:
Cook some whole spelt or wheat grains.
Grind (I hope this is a correct word) one cup of it.
Add half cup of grind nuts, half cup of chopped raisins and some cinnamon.
If you think that the mixture is not sweet enough, add some honey.
Make little balls and roll them in cocoa or chopped nuts or coconut (like I did with most of them) or anything else that you like and will taste good.
They are actually very healthy, you can even eat them for breakfast, if you like.
My mom was right. It smells of spring.


eva said...

I`d love to taste those coconut balls! What do you mean by "cook" spelt? I know what spelt is, in Germany we say "Dinkel".
I´d love to make these!

Pina said...

Dinkel it is! :)
You just cook the whole grains for about 45 minutes so that they become soft and then grind them.
I hope you will like them! said...

What an adorable mouse! And you're sweets look delicious. I really love how you packaged the three so neatly in the plastic sleeve. Such a nice gift.