Friday, January 18, 2008

A party

Finally I gave it away. My present for the editor of our magazine. A little bird pouch. Remember? [It seems that I like these tissue flowers lately, they are so easy to make. Until spring, when the real flowers will be growing in my garden.]

She baked this cake:

It is like a front page of the magazine. There is a bird made of fruit on it, if you haven't noticed. [I didn't at first.] The party was ok and I met a few new people that I knew only by name. It was the third day in a row that I didn't have to cook at home. A real holiday time for me. I am really enjoying myself.

Have a nice weekend, all of you!

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13mimosa said...

Yum, Geoff's gone out to see a band tonight, the girls are in bed and I really feel like a cup of tea with a yummy slice of cake - alas none here!

You wrap presents so beautifully - makes gifts extra special. My email's down at the moment but thankfully the internet's working - more worrying I have no idea how to fix it - I'm disconnected!