Monday, January 7, 2008

End of holiday season

Yesterday was absolutely the last day of a holiday season for me. At least I hope so. In a way. My granddad celebrated his 89th birthday yesterday and we all (about 15 of us) gathered in my grandparents' tiny living room. There was absolutely too much food, like always. I think that a need of lots of food on the table comes from those days of war they had to go through. It wasn't easy for them and after the war when they got married, there was nothing to eat.
My granddad was working as a baker in Austria at the time the WW II had started and therefore they forced him to serve in the German army. He was lucky to survive as he had been sent to a Russian front. Of about 1000 people only 7 survived. He was one of them. In spite of living in such an unhappy time, he was actually very lucky. In my opinion, the best thing that happened to him was meeting my grandmum. She is a healer. She is a kind of a magician, a fairy, call her whatever you like but she has those secret powers of a healer. I love them both.
Take a peak into a present I gave to my granddad:
Sweets for a sweet life. Perhaps a bit too sweet but it was the first time I was making those Raffaelo sweets.

On Saturday when I added a short post here, I was finishing my calendar for 2008. I haven't received any nice ones recently so I made myself my very own one. With the photos of the beautiful Alpine flowers I took during the last year. Now it just has to be binded and then I will be able to look at those beauties every day.What made me cheerful and happy the first thing in the morning are all your comments you left on my blog during a weekend. Thank you so much. A very happy Monday to all of you!


13mimosa said...

My goodness you are soooo talented - you made those chocolates, your talents know no bounds and the calendar! The other day I thought I must start trying to manage my time better, my blog has all been about the girls, not much crafting or baking or anything going on around here of late!

Speaking of calendars, have you seen the one on Amanda's website - so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grandad! ^_^ Those sweets look oh so yummy. Is it your own recipe?

Pina said...

RAFFAELO SWEETS (for 10-15 sweets)

100 g coconut powder
1/8 l cream
50 g honey
1 tsp vanilla essence
80 g caster sugar
Some rum (if you wish)

Boil cream, honey, vanilla essence and caster sugar. Add 80 g coconut powder and cook for 5 minutes, stirring all the time.
Add rum and cool (it is best if you put this mixture into a freezer for half an hour). If the mixture is not thick enough, add more coconut powder.
Make little balls and roll each in the rest of coconut powder. Serve cooled.

You can also put a hazelnut or almond in the center of each but then you will have to make them a bit bigger.