Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Little treasures I

During the holidays I took some photos of little treasures in my home. Of the things that mean a lot to me.
Today I am sharing with you a photo of a necklace made of tiny shells.A few years ago I gave my mum and dad a present for their wedding anniversary - a travel to Mauritius. My dad had been dreaming about it for many years and at some moment in my life I was able to pay them a short holiday on this island. It was a travel of their lifetime. My dad has got Parkinson's disease now and I don't think he will have a chance to experience something this beautiful again. A pity. I wish I could help but I can't.
From this journey they brought me this beautiful shell necklace that I still keep in a bag in which I had received it. I have never worn it. I just look at it from time to time, feel it in my hands, shells slipping through my fingers. Perhaps I will wear it this summer. For some special occasion, if there is one.

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13mimosa said...

How lovely and what a lovely thing to share! Perhaps I will do the same ... Funny isn't it, if you were to disappear from your home and someone else walked in to look around, they may see something that perhaps isn't valuable in a large monetary sense, but they could never be aware of how precious what they were looking at was.

I'm sorry for your father, such an awful illness.