Thursday, January 31, 2008

How many pancakes can you eat?

When I was a little girl, still going to the primary school, my grandmother cooked lunch for me and my brother when the classes were in the afternoon. Sometimes also my cousin who was living next door joined us. She was a strict woman, like her husband, my grandfather. They would be 102 years old this year. Sometimes she baked the pancakes with apricot marmalade. I remember that every time we, the bunch of kids, competed in eating them. How many of them could we eat and who would be the winner? I remember eating more than 10 of them. I can't imagine to do something like this today.
I baked pancakes for my dinner yesterday. I ate four of them. With a wonderful, a bit sour marmalade made of red fruits of Cornelian cherry dogwood (Cornus mas). Delicious!
How many of them can you eat?


13mimosa said...

I had the same competition with my three brothers when I was young, except our topping was of fresh lemon juice and sugar but I don't remember how many I ate. I could eat quite a few right now though! said...

Mmm. That marmalade sounds very tasty and exotic.

eva said...

I could eat about 4 - 5 .Then I`m full! I would love to eat these endless amount but that`s not just possible! :) My husband eats them with jam and sour cream :)