Friday, February 1, 2008

Feathers & carnival

When walking over the fields and meadows near my house I find and see all sorts of things. I don't like meeting people when going for a walk. I prefer my own presence. That's why I don't follow the roads and paths but rather go my own way.The other day I found the remains of a Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo), probably eaten by a fox. Actually there were only feathers left. I like feather so I took them with me. Perhaps one of our ornithologists at work can make some use of them, you never know. They collect all kind of things. Beware of having an ornithologist for your partner because one day you might find a bunch of birds in your freezer. Or some other animal, of course. I tell you from my own experience, it happened to me once.

It is the carnival time! I read last week in one of the cook books that the word derives from Italian words carne vale which would actually mean goodbye meat. I am not sure if this is true. Anyway, I don't know if I will wear a mask this year. I still might sew myself a costume tomorrow. My mom will make doughnuts with an apricot marmalade like every year. I can't wait to have some. This is what I will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the few next days. Until Wednesday. Happy Carnival!
P.s.: Our internet connection is rather poor these days, it works only for a while or it doesn't work at all. I apologize to you all that I did not reply to your comments.

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One of our closest friends happens to be Italian so I asked him. He says that the actual word is "carnevale," but when dissected into "carne vale" actually means "meat allowed."

Also, last year we went over to his house and made a traditional Italian pastry with powdered sugar called "chiacchere" which is a typical carnevale dish. Sounds like they might be similar to the doughnuts your mother makes. Yum!