Friday, January 4, 2008

The last days of 2007

I know, the last post was a bit boring.
Though the last few days of 2007 were not boring at all. Let me share a few photos with you, of the celebrations, of the family spirit. The rest comes later, in another post. The blue sky and my wanderings to find it among all this fog we had during the last days of 2007.
Christmas dinner with my family. It is nice to gather together with my parents and brother. I know I am going to miss them someday.
Some of the gifts I received for Christmas. A book about garden plants and a fleece blanket. I am cold all the time. I think I will have to go out more often and quit reading all those books. A good start of a new year, what do you think?Christmas decorations. On Christmas tree and on my table.
I baked. The most delicious cookies of all. At least for me. The upper ones. Below left are the ones I baked for our neighbors and below right are buns with jam. All of them very delicious. But I can't compete with my mum. She bakes the best of the best. Below:
What is in a box, huh?
Two of the cats that wait in front of my door every day?
No, they are the cookies my mum baked for the holidays (right, I added mine too). Don't think that this is all there was, below those on the photo are two more rows of different cookies. She has beaten all her records this time.


13mimosa said...

Those biscuits are amazing, particularly the ones with chocolate on the top, they all look exactly the same - all your cooking is so perfectly formed. Pannetonne should be a breeze for you - I'll send you the recipe.

I love the European tradition of special biscuits, my best friend in London, Lena, is Danish and her mother always sent her tins of amazing biscuits, at least half a dozen types.

Any left for me?!

Pina said...


eva said...

I have made something similar too (once). These buns filled with jam. And you attach these to each other like chain... Someone who lived in Kamchatka teach me :)
We in Estonia don`t have that traditional cake.

Pina said...

I wonder what kind of delicious traditional sweets do you have in Estonia, Eva?
I wish I could share some with you, gals.