Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time for myself

These last few days I am just relaxing and enjoying peaceful afternoons and evenings by myself. Doing nothing. Just daydreaming. Thinking of the future projects. A holiday after holidays which were really busy this time. My mom and dad invite me for a dinner every day and this leaves me with not even washing the dishes after cooking. I was in a library yesterday and evening was filled with reading. With a book in my hands and hot tea. Right, I fed my cats too.
On Saturday I baked some bread, a ciabatta this time. I froze some of it and I take as much as I need from a freezer every day. I always bake bread at home with only a few exceptions - if I forget my lunch bag at home. Then I buy it at a local shop.
I also indulged myself a bit the other day, buying some new kitchen towels.
And trying hard to make these little ones survive the winter. A little spring in my home.


emily said...

your bread looks delicious! and your new kitchen towels - i love them!

Hollabee said...

yum, that bread looks delicious!

Thanks for your comment on my early bird post...I normally don't start until 9 and luckily our train is never packed when I catch it...Starting at 7 everyday would be so hard for me...but yes the up-side is getting home early.

eva said...

I love your tea towel! I`m always in need of those.