Monday, February 25, 2008

A party

It is funny but I am kind of fed up with these parties we have with my relatives. It is always the same. One of characteristics of us Slovenians is envy and another one gossip. And there is plenty of both on such parties. All right, gossip comes later. But envy... Frankly speaking, I avoid inviting my relatives to my home (well, not all of them but some for sure). You cannot tidy the house enough not to hear later from the third person that you have a real mess at home. Or something like that that bothered them at that moment. They judge you how much you eat, if there was enough to eat and what was available to eat, how you behaved etc. I avoid such people and try to avoid such events. Sometimes I can't. After all, it was my mom's party. She is not 60 every year. I was tired when I came home on Saturday. The food was good, I also liked the old farmhouse in which there is a restaurant now. The view was beautiful and the weather was great. Perhaps it was just me and my feelings, I don't know. Although I had a feeling that people were not really enjoying themselves. I don't know. I felt lots of anger after that. Can't explain why.
Yesterday in the afternoon I went for a walk. It is surely spring coming to Slovenia. It smelled of dry grass. There are yet no flowers blooming. It was too cold. And there has been no rain for weeks now. It was so nice when I was sitting on a stone enjoying the sun rays caressing my face. Wonderful. Peaceful.

Oh, yes. A news. Our ex-president Janez Drnovšek died on Saturday. They say he was a great man. I can't say that I really liked him. At least not in the last year or two when he became rather weird. He died of cancer.


13mimosa said...

Families are strange aren't they. The saying that you can choose your friends but not your family is so true, meaning that blood doesn't imply a connection or a real like of all the members.

It's not just you, there are a couple of extended family members I take issue with. It's hard, there are so many things that must remain unsaid with family for once they're out there you just can't take them back. I bite my tongue because I know it's just not worth it. I hope I'm flexible in my approach to things, although I know I can be very black and white at times I do have shades of grey where others don't. It can be wearing dealing with people who truly believe that they are always right. No-one likes to feel judged by anyone and particularly not by those you don't like so much.

eva said...

Envy is something that you have common with Estonians. The grass is always greener on the neighbors place!