Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner & Movies

So, we had a small celebration for my mom's birthday yesterday in the evening. A dinner. She actually looked very tired. I always take a day off work for my birthday because events at work can be really stressful and can completely ruin you day. I also take care of this that somebody else prepares the party following my instructions. This way I can really enjoy MY day. One day a year. I hope my mom will look happier on Saturday.

And finally here is a photo of a present I made for her, an eye pillow, filled with lavender and wheat. She liked it very much. Nice. :)
As I told you I don't have a TV at home. I know I would watch it too much and life would slowly pass by and I would have no story of my own to tell. I know myself this much. Yesterday I watched a documentary about II. WW at my parents' home and Super G (skiing) - one of our guys was the third, great!

I don't watch movies a lot but once in December or January I went to the movies to watch one of most popular Slovenian movies this far. It is called Petelinji zajtrk or Cock's breakfast in English which actually refers to a sex before breakfast (or instead of it). I heard many good critics, I heard friends talk that movie is excellent but to tell you the truth, I didn't like it at all. Mr Ž comes from the eastern part of Slovenia where also a story in a movie takes place (well, a few kilometers away, to be exact - it is a different dialect and those people are really sensitive about this). Visiting those places I saw too many drunk people. I know what's the story behind such faces - broken families, wives at home taking care of everything, sometimes also violence, unhappy children who eventually become like their fathers (and mothers). The movie shows the Slovenian reality (at least what it was about 15 or so years ago) and I suppose that it is not only a Slovenian one - I know, such things happen all around the globe. I think that watching the movie was a waste of time and money. It meant nothing to me. A hollow story. Right, guys liked it because it shows lots of flesh of one of our good and very beautiful actresses. And there are many males in our small country...

I prefer cartoons. Or at least movies that have a touch of a fairytale. There is too much of everyday reality in my life, I don't need that in a movie. Unless it is really a good one. I liked Ice age, I liked Ratattouile. My favorite to this time is Dances with wolves. Of course, me, a prairie and Indian fan! :) I also go and see the (romantic) movies in which Keanu Reeves plays as he is in my opinion (I don't know why) the most beautiful actor I know. I don't think that he is a good actor but I like watching him in the movies. I cried for an hour after seeing The Lake House. I also prefer documentaries. About plants, animals, traveling, other countries. Instead of movies I read books. It takes longer, I know, but I prefer it this way. Reading versus movies. I would choose reading.

2 comments: said...

What a nice job you did on your mom's eye pillow! The fabric is beautiful, and you wrapped it so elegantly!

I'm with you on movies. I almost always prefer happy endings and stories that stretch the imagination (in a good way). The Lake House and Ratatouille are two of my favorites as well.

13mimosa said...

You're so thoughtful with your gifts - honestly - they say everything about why handmade gifts are so special.

I had to say that I snorted out loud with laughter about the name of that Slovenian film, it's quite smutty in English - so funny.