Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Valentine day thoughts

I took part in the postcard swap organized by Karen. I liked the idea and I was making different Valentine's cards during the previous week. I hope that all the recipients will get them sooner or later. I sent them by random - I put the names into a bowl and picked a number for each card I made. I hope that every of them will get into the right hands. I have received two until today. Perhaps some more are waiting for me in a mailbox today. It is so exciting to receive lots of mail and so many different thoughts.Some strange mushrooms grew next to my amarylis. Weird. I keep wondering what kind of soil I managed to buy because it is also full of small flies that annoy me while I read, eat or do anything else. I have no heart of killing them, I hardly kill a mosquito or any living creature. I removed the mushrooms anyway.
I am much better today and hopefully I will be able to go for a walk tomorrow. There was no Valentine's cake for me yesterday but I had a nice day anyway. My dad came to visit me and we talked about the old days. His health is worse every day but we all have big hopes that eventually his illness will slow down a bit soon. Time to remember. Special time. With a special person.


Ashley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I hope your dad gets better. I hope you're feeling better too and that we both get over our colds. Have a lovely day!

kari said...

I'm sorry to hear that your father is not well. I hope that his health improves soon. My parents turned 70 within the last few's hard to see them getting older.

Thanks for the book recommendation ('Katherine'). I just looked it up on and it sounds great. I love stories set in those medieval times. I will definately be reading that one. Hope you are well!

13mimosa said...

It always strikes me when friends my age talk of parents being unwell, I find it completely disconcerting. My own parents must be of similar ages and yet, I can't imagine them being unwell, they're always there, always healthy and honestly, I take it for granted. The idea of them being anything but here, healthy, with me, well, it's terrifying to me.

Malulo Numero Uno said...

did you use some manure to fertilize? We get those mushrooms, too.