Thursday, February 14, 2008

Travel with me on Valentine's day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

This is a song that we had to learn in 5th grade when we started to learn English language at school. Valentine’s day has become popular in Slovenia after our independence in 1991. Like Christmas and Easter which were until that time almost forbidden holidays. I can’t say for myself that I put any special meaning to Valentine’s day but it is nice to remember people you love or you used to love on this day. Well, any other day is fine with me too. ;)

On today’s day in 1849 a man was born, and his name was Valentine McGillycuddy. He was a doctor who treated Crazy Horse when he was wounded on 5 September 1877 in Fort Robinson, Nebraska while trying to set free. There are rumors that Valentine, as a very young and not very experienced doctor, gave too much morphine to Crazy Horse and therefore he probably died because of that and not of a ‘fatal’ wound. Valentine McGillycuddy’s remains are entombed at the top of Harney Peak in Black Hills, South Dakota, behind a plaque that reads "Valentine McGillycuddy, Wasitu Wacan." Crazy Horse supposedly liked him a lot, this Wasitu Wacan. I was driving through the Black Hills National Forest in August 2001 but there was no time to go up the Harney Peak. The park is a nice place, full of pines, one of my favorite trees. It is so different from everything that we have here in Slovenia. Slovenia is a real jungle compared to those places I visited in US. I hope that we will keep this abundance for our future generations too.

So, let's travel to Harney Peak today:

43°51'57.91" N
103°31'53.69" W
Elevation: 2194 m

Happy Valentine's day to all of you!

P.s.: Our internet connection is due to some unknown reason still very poor (usually not working at all). But I am glad that at least my cold got much better (also a reason why I haven't been posting anything for the last few days).

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Happy Valentine`s Day!!!!!!!!

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