Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Travel with me today

Where should we go today?

Let's travel somewhere in Slovenia again. Let’s climb up the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav. Triglav could mean three heads. This name probably derives from its feature because from some parts of Slovenia (e.g. Ljubljana) it is seen as a mountain with three peaks.

46°22'46.06" N
13°50'09.30" E
Elevation: 2864 m (on Google map it shows like it is only 2825 m high)

The first men climbed Triglav on 26 August 1778, so about a decade before French revolution. First woman (it was a girl actually) climbed the mountain almost 100 years after, in 1870.

There is a chapel built above the peak and a cottage in which the visitors can have a break or sleep. It is a day’s walk to get to the top if you are not really a racer. Hordes of people walk up there every summer. Also some stupid tourists who go there in sneakers and without sufficient clothes or food. Also some very clever women in high heels tried to climb the mountain. Very clever. The weather can change in minutes and so many times they have to be rescued.

I have never been on Triglav and to tell you the truth, I have no wish to join all those masses of people up there. Because there are so many other beautiful mountains in Slovenia. It doesn’t matter that they are not 2684 m high.

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13mimosa said...

The highest mountain I've ever climbed from base to top is Mt Washington in New Hampshire ( They had an amazing hostel at the bottom and we started out very early - such a sense of achievement and you simply couldn't climb it unprepared - such a wonderful memory.