Thursday, February 7, 2008


Tomorrow is a national holiday in Slovenia. It is funny that we celebrate the death of our greatest poet, France Prešeren. I wrote about him in December last year when we celebrated his birth. Though, it is not a national holiday then. We are funny people, Slovenians.

All museums in Slovenia open their door for free tomorrow and I might go and see some exhibition again. If I am not too sick. I caught cold again, hopefully a mild version of it. I am eating tons of fruit and drink liters of herbal tea.

Tomorrow is also a day when somebody celebrates his birthday. I met this English guy in August ‘94 in Lillehammer, Norway. I slept in a cozy hostel called Gjeste Bu. Coincidentally I was writing my diary right at that time when he, two girls from Holland and Michael, an Australian, had a chat next to my bed. I joined them. Somehow guys were making jokes on us, girls. So ‘the boy’, like he called himself, wanted to write a note into my diary. Ok, I let him. I was surprised because he simply wrote a few encouraging words on my pages of my ‘red book’ and beside them his address and an invitation to meet him again. I have never experienced something like that in my life. The next day we met in Oslo and I spent a nice afternoon with him. I experienced the whole new world. When saying goodbye he hugged me for a whole minute and kissed me briefly. You know, this was a shock for me and since then I had been floating on a cloud of happiness. I have never been so happy in my life, not before and never after. All the things seemed to be nice, each and every person friendly. A time of pure JOY.

Later I visited him in Liverpool, where I suppose he still lives today. When I came home the pressure of everyday life was too big and that joy that I had felt went away in about 3 months. A pity. I was struggling but without success. In autumn he visited me in Ljubljana but the magic went away. I went to see him for Christmas and New Year and I was deeply disappointed. Finally I realized that we do not and cannot belong together. I cried a lot. We heard each other after that a few times on the phone but I knew that he loved the world too much to be able to be with me. I am not sorry that it was over. I had the best time of my life that August and this is what matters most. I know I would not be happy with him today. We were too different. A world apart.

Happy birthday Adam G.M.!

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It sounds like the two of you had a very meaningful relationship, even though short lived. I think it is healthy to reflect on moments like that in life, and to appreciate the beauty of those moments for what they were. But life is full of choices and it seems to be constantly in a state of ebb and flow. I guess that is why its full of surprises, and important to just live in the moment sometimes.

13mimosa said...

We've talked about this before, memories like that, I have been thinking about a few myself lately - they sustain me, I find it strange those who don't dwell somewhat in the past.

eva said...

Beautiful memories! Even if these are a bit sad....

Thereby I award you with "You make my day" blog award!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!