Thursday, March 20, 2008


Once in a while people from civil service institutions make a decision to make a real mess and make us spend some more money than really necessary. Well, I agree, in a way the change was necessary but when it comes to the costs related to such changes I think they are not really crucial.

My address has changed. I moved into my house about 3 years ago and I had huge costs with changing all my documents and letting all the institutions and companies who send me letters/bills every month know about this. My number was 99a and now it is 86. I am not really fond of even numbers, I much prefer odd ones. Especially prime numbers are my favorites. But in such cases you cannot choose, can you? Also my neighbors are not happy about this. Not about the numbers but about the name of the street. We don’t like it, that is. Sure, we will get used to it. What else can we do, heh? The street is named after a creek which flows nearby and this creek is named after a priest. The creek is very beautiful but its name is not.

I used to live at numbers 14, 80, 33, 23a, 99a. And now it is 86. I hope that happy times await me under the roof of a house with this, such round number. Circles everywhere…

Do you have your favorite number?


13mimosa said...

I wondered why you said your address had changed, I thought you would have explained m ore if you'd moved. How crazy that is! said...

I think I understand how you feel. As silly as it sounds, I might take into consideration the street name, too, if it was one I really did not like. For example, our relatives live on a street called chihuahua trail, which I think is a really funny name for a street. Luckily our street name talks about woods, which is perfect for me.