Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter reflections

I have been thinking a lot about the traditions in my country since Monday when Emily wrote her comment to my post. There are certain events that take place in our Catholic community that I am not very familiar with because I don't go to church. I stopped going when I was 11 years old. This was my wish. And it was granted.So, on a table for Easter breakfast in Slovenia should not be missing (all that food has to be blessed in church on Saturday afternoon):
- meat which represents the flesh of Jesus Christ,
- eggs dyed in red color which represent his droplets of blood (people really used to dye the eggs only in red in the old days),
- horse radish which represents the nails with which he was nailed to the cross,
- potica which represents the thorn crown he was wearing (potica is baked in special round models and it really looks like a crown then).

I think that I am over with Easter for this year. What is the next holiday we are celebrating? Labor Day - May 1, I think.

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