Tuesday, March 25, 2008

As the old saying goes...

...Green Christmas, white Easter. It was snowing during Easter holidays. When I looked out through the window this morning, I had something to see. It was so beautiful, like in some fairytale. Mist above the landscape and blue, blue sky above it. Up on the nearest mountain about 1 m of snow had fallen. I saw the photos of that beauty. I wish it was Christmas and not Easter. I hope it melts quickly, I am really longing for some warmer days and it is time to start working in the garden. I am not sure there will be some apricots this year, they've just started to bloom.1. my mom's eggs, 2. decoration, 3. my eggs, 4. decoration of eggs in the eastern part of Slovenia

I dyed the eggs on Saturday. My kitchen was all red that morning, I spilled the red dye by accident. It looked like blood. Some paint is still visible on the cupboard. Obviously it will stay there forever. I spent the afternoon in the shops, buying myself a new jacket and trousers. I need both for my 'expeditions' to the mountains. It's just the trekking shoes that are still missing... Somehow I have never thought of wearing pink but I ended buying pink softshell jacket this Saturday. On Sunday I got pink pajamas. All in pink. I started to like it, somehow.
I made a little basket for my parents that day. We give each other an egg and some sweets or some other small present. I think that we should stick to these little gifts. I hear that people started to buy expensive presents for their kids but I don't like this. In my opinion the holidays are meant to get together with the beloved ones, to spend time together with them and not to get their attention by giving them some expensive gifts. Sure, I don't judge those who think different, everybody has a right to do whatever he/she wants.
On Sunday we had brunch at my parent's house. I spent a nice morning with my family. I think that these moments are so special. I know that they will end one day when one of us will be gone forever. Once when I was still a teen, my mom was in a hospital during Christmas and I can well remember how empty the table was without her. I promised to show you a picture of 'potica', our famous roll made for such holidays as Easter and Christmas. My mom baked real delicious one this year. Before 2003 I was not able to eat the one made of walnuts because I had an allergy. That year I lost about 10kg of weight and also the allergy has been gone since then. So, now I am able to enjoy this delicious pastry like everybody else. Yum!

I hope you all had nice Easter too, no matter if you celebrate it or not!


13mimosa said...

Yummo, it looks delish and being 10kg lighter you can have an extra piece for me!

Pina said...

I gained those 10kg back, unfortunately... :(

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

Gorgeous pictures. Looks like it was a very nice time. Love the eggs especially.