Monday, March 17, 2008

Green week

Hi. I am back.
I missed you all. Lots.Well, green week is over but the green days are still here. Let me tell you about some green days of the past green week. A lonely green week.

Green Friday night and Saturday morning –
in a hospital
I didn't have my camera with me but there was lots of green everywhere. Also some nice patterns. Friendly nurses, lots of laughter and lots of sadness. Lots of red, too. My blood type is AB, I finally found it out. Rather rare. Perhaps it is time to eat healthy food and then donate some of my precious blood. To save some precious lives.

Saturday – light green
Plants are changing their colors. Bright colors that I noticed when resting in my armchair for the whole day. Sleeping a lot, eating and reading. Mr Ž did the cooking, the cleaning and all the home chores. Nice.

Sunday – sunshine wonderful sunshine
It becomes very boring when there is nobody you can talk to. I got bored being alone most of the time. Mr Ž had things to do for work so he wasn't around. My parents came for half an hour rushing away soon to do their errands. They brought me newspapers and I slept for some time. Sunny day brightened long hours of rest.

Monday – lots of yellow on green
I couldn't help myself – part 1. On Friday while browsing through the blogs I found a nice picture of felt chicken. I don't remember which blog that was, I just quickly printed it out and brought it home. I did a sketch and sew little chickens. 5 until now, I have to go to the shops to buy more felt. I hope there will be some nice yellow felt available, it is so hard to get felt of nice colors. I wonder why they don't offer some real nice colors and some real nice quality felt.
I caught cold again. I hope it was the last one this winter.

Tuesday – books!
I couldn't help myself – part 2.
I ordered some books at Amazon. They arrived in a record time. I was really happy seeing an UPS man in front of my door with a package in the morning. Finally in my hands – Crazy Horse – A Lakota Life. I had looked quite long at this book on Amazon web site. It is a pity that the postage for 'Eastern Europeans' is so expensive. Anyway, is still cheaper than although the postage is much more expensive. I wish that Slovenians would finally be treated as Europeans, after all we've been in EU for almost 4 years now. Perhaps one day. Hopefully. What cannot be cured must be endured.The book itself is great. Finally a proper account of the events which happened about 150 years ago. What I don't like about the book is the attitude of an author regarding Mari Sandoz's research and her book Crazy Horse – Strange Man of the Oglalas. After all, she and Helen Hinman did a nice research on life of Crazy Horse and the events of those days. It is much easier to search for data and information today when so much material is available in electronic form and it is collected in files and archives. The only setback for the author doing his research was that none of those people who had known Crazy Horse is alive today. Mari Sandoz had at least a chance to interview his lifelong friend He Dog. But how much can a man, 100 years old recall from his past, remember about the events which happened 75 years ago? I admire the memory of some people, remembering events from the past in detail. I can't boast about such memory. That's why I write my diary. And blog. Most of the time reading the book I had a feeling that the author feels rather superior, but eventually, I would ask him, how do you know that you are right? Anyway, the book is good, also because the author started his research from the beginning. I also like that it is written like a historical book. When you want the exact information, you can't rely on some romantic story that somebody makes up to sell the book. Crazy Horse was in my opinion one of the greatest people of Lakota nation. It is just scary to think how many people he actually killed. But let me end here my thoughts, I could write another 10 pages about this outstanding man.
The other book I received is about sewing the skirts. Spring is almost here and summer is approaching, so it will be time to sew. I like the book, I hope that it will be so simple to sew a skirt like it is described in that book. I will let you know.And green – seedlings of Tagetes. Only three of them came out. Growing fast.
My cold got even worse. Resting and reading for the whole day.

Wednesday – frog
I made a felt frog but its eyes are too big.
I will try to make another one. I also went out to my little garden to enjoy in the sun for a while. The wind was strong, so I was back in my armchair quite quickly. Lots of violet outside in the garden. And green, green grass. It is growing so quickly, I will have to mow it the next week. I really enjoy mowing the grass. It is funny because in my neighborhood I am the only woman who does it. It is obviously a man's job... And crocus, beautiful crocus opened its petals. I am happy every time I see their bright yellow colors.
Thursday – bread
I couldn't help myself – part 3.
Having a clean oven and buying that puffy and not really tasty bread in the shop couldn't stop me from doing some work in the morning. Work? Well, baking. I baked the most delicious bread I have eaten in about two months. It is time to bake some cookies, too. It will be Easter in one week and my mom will bake 'potica', a famous Slovenian cake/roll. I will try to take a photo of it so that you will see how it looks like. I am not so fond of the one with nuts but I like the one with curd or/and tarragon. Or with poppy seeds. Mmmm. I have never baked one myself, there's always plenty of it everywhere you go for a visit (besides nobody lets you go home without some in your bag).
And look who was enjoying his green day! Little Pikec, my favorite cat. He is so lazy but so friendly. And smart, I think. He looked like a devil with his sharp and white teeth when he was a kitten. Spoilt cat.

Friday – driving a car again
It felt great driving a car again. I like driving. I also like when I just sit on the passenger's seat and somebody else drives me around. Mr B was (is) an excellent driver; he tried to teach me how to drive well. Today I wish I was a better and braver pupil. I have never had a radio in my car but perhaps it is time to get myself one. Sometimes in life it just gets too boring singing and talking to oneself.
I had to go to the doctor and received the doctor's note for the ophthalmologist. I certainly need new glasses and probably I will get myself lenses again, too. I am shortsighted and if I could change anything on me, I would like to get my normal sight again. It is a treasure, a real treasure to see without glasses. Though, I am not as brave as Eva to have an operation. So, I will stick to my glasses and when (if ever) I am more persistent and diligent, then I will also make exercises for my eyes. Someday. The list of my promises is long...
Was there any green on Friday? No? Just the thoughts of the work that will have to be done on Monday (today) at work. At work we are organizing a conference at the end of May with some high (EU) officials taking part. Organizing the conference will be my job (beside all the other tasks I usually have to do) until June. Lots of work, lots of paperwork, lots of English.

And clouds overcast the sky on Friday afternoon, making the landscape look sad. Nevertheless, the spring is on its way! A wonderful, wonderful time. Jays are making their nest on the neighbor's tree again. They are so shy, so careful, so beautiful...So, the green week passed. One of the loneliest weeks in my life.


Kim said...

I love the kitty picture!

emily said...

every week ought to be green week, i think!

(hope you're feeling better after your trip to the hospital.) said...

Beautiful pictures,and your felt chicken and frog came out wonderful. I've checked that book out from the library back before I learned to sew. Maybe I'll check it out again.

13mimosa said...

I knew something was wrong with you, you had me very worried. I even said to Geoff on the couch last night - I haven't heard from her in almost a couple of weeks, something's not right. I hate to hear you saying it was the loneliest week, I'm so sorry. Email me when you feel up to it.