Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green & white

Yesterday in the afternoon I went for a walk again. I try to spend some time outside, walking slowly and trying to gain some color in my face. I was told last Friday in hospital that my face looks completely green. :) Yes, it was green week, what else could it have been!? I took photos with lots of green yesterday, enjoying my short walk.For my lunch I had this:
It is dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), which will later have those sickly yellow flowers. Not the one on the photo though, I ate it all. I have never liked it because it is rather bitter and I don't like bitter food. This time I said to myself: "Girl, you don't look only green but also yellow, so this leaves will be good for your health." I cut it into small pieces and added some pressed garlic, raisins, sunflower seeds and lots of pumpkin seed oil (which is traditionally used in that part of Slovenia where Mr Ž comes from). It was delicious. Oil actually covered the bitter taste of dandelion. I am sure I will have it more often from now on. Yesterday it was the second time in my life when I was eating it.

In the evening I went to the Botanical gardens where every now and then a lecture is given. This time it was about Patagonia. A girl who had been there in January and February showed us some really nice photos and I spent a pleasant hour thinking of where I should go on holiday this year. If no further, I have chosen to go to France or Norway. Or Estonia? I think Eva would be happy about this. I think that after 5 years of having no proper vacation, it might be time to pack my rucksack and go for a ride. However, I have learned that I shouldn't make too big promises to myself.

This morning I woke up and I was rather shocked when I looked out through the window. Snow? It is still snowing but I hope it melts quickly. Fortunately my tulips haven't started to bloom yet. White week, or what? I think I will stick to green.

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13mimosa said...

When Geoff and I were living in London one of our favourite holidays was a bicycle holiday riding through the Dordogne region of France. It's a gorgeous area - we booked a trip that was really inexpensive and included our bikes, they organised all our accommodation and support. We had an amazing timing including caving and kayaking, it was amazing. I'm going to try and hunt out a website for it, I can't recommend it enough.