Friday, April 18, 2008

Macro: 3

Usually when I bake cookies, bread or something similar, I use my scales. When I moved into this house where I live now, I didn't have one. On one occasion my mum brought me a measuring cup by Dr. Oetker (words are written on it in German) which made the baking much easier. I like it a lot because it is simple to use. Although, when I came over a recipe in ounces, I still had to use my calculator to transform grams into this non-European measure. When traveling in the USA, I'd got used to transforming the temperatures in Fahrenheit into the ones in Celsius and miles into kilometers but not having all the recipes in ounces back at home, I had to calculate the numbers over and over again by use of my tiny calculator.Yesterday I baked Scottish baps again, simple and very delicious buns. I was taking my macro photos while preparing the dough and I have found out that my scales measures in ounces, too! What a discovery after such a long time.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we don't see the things although they are right in front of us? Or as the saying goes: we cannot see the wood for the trees.

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Great photos. Love that measuring cup, especially.