Thursday, April 17, 2008

Macro: 2

Talking about an owl in one of my previous posts I want to share with you a photo of one I made last year for an article I wrote for our birds magazine. It is made of a painted stone. I was quite happy with the result. I also painted some other stones, so owl has got a company in shape of a pink flower, a duck and a blue beetle.
Macro photos are lots of fun. Lately I keep noticing that all my things are really dusty. But I only notice this when I see a close up photo on the screen. You can see lots of dust on this owl, it's been lying on my window shelf for quite a while. The feathers are of a duck, I had to cut them a bit so they look like 'ears' of an owl (actually those are not ears that some owls have but only feathers). I used acrylic colors and you can see well that my hand was shaking (probably I eat too many sweets) while I was drawing circles for the eyes.


13mimosa said...

That's so gorgeous - you should set up an etsy shop! Seriously! said...

That owl is great!

Geninne said...

Gorgeous owl Pina! you should show us the rest of the rocks you painted :) beautiful work.