Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden & animals

After some rainy days I finally managed to work on my vegetable garden again. Mr Ž was the one who did most of the hard work, I was only sowing the seeds. Peas, radish, salad seeds were put in the soil after I had loosened and raked the beds. I like it when we work together although I am quite satisfied when I am there alone, too. It is so peaceful and the sky is so huge viewing it from there. It is a pity that I can only lease the land and not buy it.
In the evening I went to our library to listen to a presentation by some travel agency. Sure, I have plans to go someplace again but I think I will have to wait until the next year to go a bit farther than Europe.

When I came back the sky was clear and the moon was pinned up to the sky. It was so bright that I decided to plant a pot of strawberries. I talked to the cats that gathered around me and enjoyed in the evening breeze. I heard a scream. I knew it was an owl but I haven't expected to see it flying above my head a few moments later. She came again, screeched once more and flew away. Wow! The nearby creek is dead; it has been destroyed by the waste from the houses which were build last year and no frogs make their loud sounds from it anymore. But we've got an owl! :)

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13mimosa said...

Such a gorgeous image, you planting strawberries at night! I love your tulip photo - they're my favourite cut flower for inside, so elegant and yet the leave are so relaxed.