Monday, April 14, 2008

I've been tagged... Victoria, my dear friend from the other side of the world. I was thinking of those seven (weird) things about me that I haven't told you yet. Funny list came out of this and here it is:
  1. I never cut nails on Sunday. Once I read that this brings bad luck. Superstition became my habit.
  2. I read horoscopes out of fun. The only one I (partly) believe in is this one. I like it because it gives a positive view of life. Perhaps you should check it for fun and let me know what you found out. :)
  3. I have trouble with left and right. I have to think before I follow someone’s directions. I had terrible trouble when having driving lessons.
  4. I have only one pair of winter shoes. I complicate a lot before buying a new pair, because they have to be rounded in front, with no heel, sturdy, well made and cheap. It is hard to get such shoes in our shops. If they fulfill all first four conditions on the list, they are for sure expensive.
  5. I always fall asleep on the right side (of my body).
  6. I don’t eat lots of meat. Only when necessary and when someone else cooks it. Though, I don’t complicate. I have never been a vegetarian but I know that less (and quality) food brings health. I am speaking this from my own experience.
  7. I couldn’t eat walnuts before April 2003 when I lost lots of weight. Actually I could but I got terrible thrush/aphthae in my mouth. Since that month/year I enjoy eating them and different pastry made with them. There are really many sweets/pastry made with walnuts here in my country (potica is one of them). I have never had aphthae after that again. Lucky me!
I am not sure girls will be happy about it; but I would love to get to know a few new facts about you gals, therefore I tag Emily, Eva and Kari to share 7 random facts about themselves on their blogs. I hope you will have lots of fun!

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