Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Macro: 1

I have just joined in a 30 Day Photography Challenge hosted by orange flower. It will not be 30 days for me but each April day when I am behind the screen I will add one of my macro photos. I love macro photos, I am sure you have noticed that by now.
I took a photo of my basil yesterday. I've sown two kinds, the common one and the one with small leaves, some Italian sort. It is beautiful to see the little plants grow, each day they are a bit bigger. I can't wait to replant them and enjoy in their smell and taste.


13mimosa said...

Gorgeous photo - I wish I had the time or skill to undertake one of the photographic focuses everyone seems involved with - one day.

Lori said...

delurking to say hi from illinois in the u.s. :^)

Lori said...

lol, i was commenting on 2 blogs at once - meant to say *here* - love that macro shot and i think it's my favorite that i've seen this week! i am *so* ready to work in the garden. :^)

that's what i get for multi-tasking! lol