Thursday, April 3, 2008


It was raining yesterday and I used the afternoon for shopping. I have been very thrifty (is this the correct word? I don't know...) for the last four years (yes, it is so when you spend all your money on a new house!) but time comes when it is hard not to do something for yourself. To spend some money on yourself.

I went to H&M this time in our brand new shopping center close to my home. I bought myself only five pieces of clothes but buying linen shirt and trousers, I spent quite a lot of money. Imagine, I bought myself summer dress in that green color that I don't really like! Remember? But it suits me so well, I just couldn't resist - having in mind that I am not able to sew myself a dress for 9,90€, I just bought it. After all, I will have a cut/pattern to sew a dress by myself. Most of all I like that white linen shirt and Mr Ž likes it, too. Very comfortable one, for the warm spring & summer days...

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13mimosa said...

Good on you. I too don't shop often, always finding something or someone more worthy of the expenditure. Recently though I became desperate and have started buying some things for myself, it makes you feel so much better for it. Next to tackle now I've stopped feeding Leila, new bras! I had a real cleavage while I was feeding and now I'm back to my normal horizontally challenged self!